Fixed: Midjourney The Application did not Respond Error

In one of our recent articles, we discussed Midjourney, an extraordinary AI image generator that can produce art as well as stock images with a simple prompt. If you have ever used Midjourney, you must know that the program is far from perfect, despite its amazing capabilities. Users often encounter unexpected bugs and errors, one of which we will address today: the ‘Midjourney The application did not respond error’ 

Undoubtedly, Midjourney stands out as an exceptional AI engine, seamlessly transforming text descriptions into stunning images. The process is as straightforward as expressing your imagination, and the AI takes care of the rest. However, the effectiveness of any technology is contingent upon its usability. The problem with Midjourney is that often, the chatbot becomes unresponsive out of the blue with an error message saying, ‘The application did not respond’.

This problem can be attributed to either Midjourney’s servers or the Discord platform itself. Let’s dissect the issue and examine the potential reasons behind this frustrating error. Moreover, I will provide you with some simple troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem and get Midjourney up and running.

What is ‘Midjourney the Application did not respond’ Error?

As we know, to use Midjourney AI, it is necessary to join the dedicated Midjourney server within the Discord application. This serves as the sole platform for accessing its services, as there is no separate application or website available as of now. 

Midjourney The Application did not Respond

Occasionally, when issuing a command to Midjourney, Discord may display an error message stating, ‘The application did not respond.’ This error message is most commonly encountered when using the ‘/imagine’ command, the one we use to describe the desired image to Midjourney. Often, the bot becomes unresponsive after this error, and you are not allowed to give any more commands. 

The Reasons behind Midjourney the Application did not respond Error

Before jumping to solutions, it’s crucial to analyze the potential reasons behind this error. Usually, when the discord server stops responding to your commands, you get the ‘Midjourney the application did not respond’ error message. But is this an issue within Discord? Or Midjourney servers?

There can be several reasons contributing to this error. Let’s explore some of them. 

1. Midjourney Server

The primary cause of the ‘Application did not respond’ error is typically a lack of response from the dedicated Discord server. Like all other AI chatbots, Midjourney often faces overwhelming demands, resulting in server overload or failure. This can crush the system, and the server stops reacting to your commands. 

Midjourney The Application did not Respond

2. Cluttered Cache

Discord tends to accumulate a large number of temporary files, which can gradually clutter the cache memory. While temporary files speed up the application, over time, it may cause issues with the functionality of the Discord app. 

Midjourney The Application did not Respond

Whether you are accessing Discord via the web browser on your computer or using the mobile app on your smartphone, an overloaded cache memory can lead to the ‘Application did not respond’ error.

3. Network Issue

Who doesn’t experience internet problems? A poor internet connection is the root cause of over 50% of online technical issues. If your internet connection is unreliable or has poor signal strength, it can impede the Midjourney server, leading to command failures and eventual service disruption. 

4. Outdated Discord App or Operating System

The statement is self-explanatory. Discord, like any other app, may experience issues if you are using an outdated version. Developers regularly release updates to enhance functionality and address existing bugs and problems within the app.

Additionally, running an older version of the operating system may not be fully compatible with a newer application. Hence, there is a strong possibility that you are seeing the Application did not respond error due to an outdated application or Operating system on your device. 

5. Insufficient RAM

Insufficient RAM is another crucial factor that can hinder the performance of Discord or any other application. Every app requires a certain amount of memory to transfer data and operate seamlessly. If you are using an older device with limited RAM capacity, it may not be sufficient to handle the functionalities of the app. 

How to Fix The Application Did not Respond Error?

Here are some fixes: Let’s get started.

1. Wait for the Server to Respond

As previously stated, the primary cause of the ‘Application did not respond’ error lies with the server issues. Unfortunately, there is little you can do in this situation except patiently wait it out. 

Meanwhile, you can check the Midjoiurney server status. Simply go to the Midjourney server and click on Status. Here, you can find updates about the server situation, including information about maintenance activities and estimated downtime before the server becomes operational again. 

2. Check Your Network Connection

Next, Give q quick check on your internet connection. Here is what you can do:

  • Try using different applications and websites to make sure that the network is strong and stable.
  • You can also conduct an internet speed test using a reliable website to assess the quality of your connection.
  • Also, verify if the issue persists on other devices by running Discord on them to rule out potential hardware errors specific to your device.
  • Inspect the cables connected to your router for any signs of damage, and replace them if necessary.
  • If experiencing internet-related problems, reset your router using the reset button to refresh the network, and then attempt to connect to the Midjourney server again.

  • Contact your network provider for assistance if you are not able to locate the issue. 

3. Restart Discord

At times, the most straightforward solutions prove to be the most effective. Quickly restart the Discord app. It will refresh the app settings and clear any temporary bugs that could be contributing to the error. 

Simply close the Discord app and ensure it is removed from the background menu as well. Launch the app after a few seconds and reconnect to the Midjourney server. This process helps initiate a fresh session and may resolve the ‘The Application did not respond’ error.

You can also leave the Midjourney server and join it again.

4. Restart Your Device

Never underestimate the power of a quick reboot. If you are still getting the same error, restart your device to kill all the ongoing processes and refresh the memory. It will also wipe out any problematic background processes and corrupt data that might be troubling the Didcord. 

Switch off the device and start it after 10-15 seconds. Connect it to the internet and try to join the Midjourney server again. 

5. Clear Cache Memory

Let your device breathe a bit without cluttered castle memory. Here is what you need to do to clean the temporary files: 

1. On Android

  • Go to the Settings app by tapping the Gear icon. 
  • Tap on Apps & Notifications and select App info.

  • Here, you can see a list of all the installed apps on your smartphone. Scroll down to locate Discord and tap on it. 
  • Select Storage & Cache.

  • Tap on CLEAR CACHE

Restart your device, launch Discord, and try to connect to the Midjourney server to check whether the issue has been fixed or not. 

2. On Windows

  • Press Windows + R keys simultaneously to launch the Run Program
  • Type %appdata%\discord and press Enter key or click on OK.

  • A discord folder will open. Select Cache, Code Cache, and GPU Cache and delete them permanently. 

3. iPhone

IPhone users need to delete the app from the device and install it again from the app store to delete the cache memory. 

4. MacOS

  • Open Finder on your Mac and navigate to the toolbar. Locate and click on the Go option.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Go to Folder.

  • Type ~/Library/Caches in the pop-up box and hit the Enter key.

  • Within the folder, locate an individual file you wish to delete. 
  • You can also use Command +A to select all. 
  • Right-click on the file and choose the option Move to Trash or Move to Bin from the drop-down menu.

6. Use VPN

The server issues with Midjourney may be specific to your geographical location. In this case, a VPN program might save your day. Virtual Private Networks, commonly known as VPNs, enable you to connect to a remote server, typically located in a different country. By redirecting your traffic through a VPN, you can connect to a functional Midjourney server in a different location.  

Currently, there are hundreds of VPNs available on the internet. Choose the one with a good number of servers, increasing the possibility of connecting to a server with a functional Midjourney one. 

7. Contact Midjourney Community

Still, getting ‘Midjourney The application did not respond error’? It’s time to seek assistance from the Midjourney community on Discord. Within this community, there are dedicated volunteers and supportive members who are keen to address any queries or concerns you may have regarding the Midjourney servers.

Simply navigate to the Support tab and click on Member Support. In this section, you can pose various questions related to the technical issues you are encountering with Midjourney. Another option is to visit Midjourney’s official Twitter account to check for any official statements regarding scheduled maintenance that could be causing interruptions to the servers.  


1. Is Midjourney Free?

Unfortunately, the company has discontinued its free plan to manage the increased load and ensure the quality of service. Nevertheless, they now offer three subscription plans: Basic, Standard, and Pro, priced at $10, $30, and $60 per month, respectively.

2. Why does the Discord bot say the application did not respond?

This usually happens when a particular Discord bot is unavailable due to a bad server. You can check the discord status to find out the possible causes and announcements regarding the issue. 

3. What is the error in Midjourney?

The Midjourney errors indicate temporary difficulties that the bot is facing, preventing it from executing the requested command. The best is to wait until the service is operational again. 

Final Word

AI chatbots are still in the developmental stage, and it is quite normal for them to experience technical difficulties from time to time. The ‘Midjourney The application did not respond’ error often occurs due to server unavailability and should typically resolve itself within 20-30 minutes. In the meantime, you can attempt the solutions provided in this guide to ensure that the issue is not on your end.

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