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The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling has the power to build trust, relationships, companies, and industries. It has the power to change minds and make history. Telling stories is critical to what we all do, whether as individuals, startups, nonprofits, or corporations. How do you, as your company leaders, convey your story to employees and to customers? How do you create a narrative for what you do, one that will connect with people in important ways? Julian will walk you through how how to tell your story, and make you think about storytelling in different ways using different mediums.

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Alpha Girls

Founder of Alpha Girls Global, Julian will share stories from her latest book, Alpha Girls, about a group of women who managed to succeed in the male-dominated industry of tech and helped finance and build some of the foremost companies of our day. Julian provides a unique view inside the minds and lives of women pioneers to explain how women — especially those in male dominated industries — can succeed both at work and at home. Julian shows through unforgettable true stories how ordinary women become extraordinary.

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How to Make a Spaceship

Lessons of the Unconventional: Bringing to life the stories of her New York Times best-selling book How to Make a Spaceship, Julian shares how failing forward, staying unwaveringly on course and unconventional collaborations have led to some of our world's most exciting innovations. On this journey, you will learn how to bring together characteristics you already possess to spark the innovator in all of us.

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Julian Guthrie shows what's possible for women and girls everywhere by highlighting the stories of groundbreaking women in Silicon Valley."

- Melinda Gates, author, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Julian shared invaluable strategies for conquering massive obstacles through grit and creativity with case studies from Alpha Girls, How to Make a Spaceship and The Billionaire and the Mechanic."

- Beri Meric, IVY CEO

Julian is a mesmerizing storyteller."

- Ken Auletta, acclaimed author, New Yorker staff writer

Our network of women leaders can’t get enough of Alpha Girls. Julian provides tremendous inspiration for women leading at all levels. She gives us all a window into what is possible."

- Julie Castro Abrams, How Women Lead

As the moderator of our diversity & inclusion panel at our annual user conference, Julian brought passion and energy to the discussion that engaged both the speakers and audience. She expertly elicited powerful experiences interwoven with facts for maximum impact."

- Zuora Inc.

Julian kindles fires of determination and boldness in us. Her keynote, based on stories of technology pioneers, left us all with a great sense of purpose and a realization that we can change things in Zimbabwe too."

- Knowledge Chikundi, founder, Africa Science Festival

Julian tells the stories of how four extraordinary women navigated the tech industry and, in doing so, shaped the world we live in today."

- Reid Hoffman, cofounder, LinkedIn